Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1)
Modern user interface

Advanced efficient functions

Full accessibility is no longer an extra feature for websites, but a basic, highly important function.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to online services. However, many websites do not meet the expected requirements to date, developers have to invest extra energy to ensure that the website is properly optimized and resolves as many accessibility problems as possible.

With continuous development, Guidebot eliminates the problem and provides adequate quality access for all its visitors.

Advanced Web Technology

We are committed to web accessibility. We provide our customers with advanced technologies that can increase compliance with the requirements of internationally accepted WCAG 2.1, ADA, EN 301-549.

Controllable by users
  • Predefined combinations of Guidebot profiles provide a precise solution to specific problems, such as ADHD, seizure prevention, or cognitive function support.

  • Users can fine-tune profiles or put together a combination that works for them themselves.

Practical and clean interface

On the extremely simple user interface, your visitors can easily select the profiles they want to use and fine-tune them, thus ensuring the most useful functions for them.

Custom color selection for your brand.

You can customize the plugin's colors, icon, placement - and more - to match the look of your website.

Customizable user experience

Efficient and rich functionality

Screen Reader

The "Screen Reader" reads the content of the page to the visitor, eliminating reading difficulties.

Setting up the "Screen Reader"
Reader Mode

"Reader Mode" collects text from the page and displays it in an easy-to-read format, free from distractions.

Setting up the "Reader Mode"

Inverse colors, dark and light contrast make your website more readable.


Adjusts the color intensity between low, high or grayscale.

Highlight links
Highlight links FREE BASIC PRO

It makes links and buttons easily identifiable on the website, making it easy to navigate.

Font size

It enlarges the texts, thus making the website more readable. 3 different levels can be selected.

Cursor & Guide
Cursor & Guide FREE BASIC PRO

Increases the size of the cursor. The cursor mask and guide line help you maintain concentration.


It helps navigation from the keyboard, highlighting the content that is currently in focus.


The website sets families of letters that are more difficult to read to standard or dyslexia-specific types.


It displays the alternative texts and "aria" tags of the images near the mouse pointer.

Turn Off Images
Turn Off Images FREE BASIC PRO

It makes the images disappear, making the website easier to read, which improves the user experience.

Stop Animations
Stop Animations FREE BASIC PRO

Eliminates moving, flashing animations that can distract or even cause a seizure.

Predefined Profiles

Predefined combinations of Guidebot profiles provide a precise solution to specific problems, such as ADHD, seizure prevention, or cognitive function support.

Seizure & Epileptic
Seizure & Epileptic PRO New function

Disturbing effects and flashing surfaces on the page can trigger seizures in susceptible people. This profile stops these types of animations and fades out bright distracting colors to prevent a seizure.

Dyslexia PRO

Approximately 15% of the population has dyslexia. This profile is trying to help you with text recognition and fluent reading.

Vision Impaired
Vision Impaired PRO New function

This profile compiled for the visually impaired contains definitions that allow for easy navigation.

Color Blind
Color Blind PRO

Unfortunately, not everyone sees the colors correctly on the monitor. This profile is trying to help them by highlighting the colors.

ADHD PRO New function

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder affects more and more young people. Every young person in their 20s struggles with ADHD. The combination created in an ADHD-friendly profile reduces distractions and helps with text comprehension.

Cognitive Disability
Cognitive Disability PRO

Learning disabilities have a negative impact on reading comprehension. This profile elevates the reading experience, helps you keep your attention.

Guidebot supports more than 20 languages

Select automatic language detection in the widget settings so that Guidebot detects the user's or page's preferred language and displays it in that language.

Got Questions?

We will try to answer the most frequently asked questions here.

What is the difference between the free version and the paid version?

Briefly, only predefined profiles can be used in the free version. Thus, users do not have the option of fine-tuning. The image colors can be adjusted from the "Basic" version. The Guidebot logo and info icon can be turned off in the "Pro" version.

Do I need to change the website code to make everything work properly?

In all cases, a review is recommended for websites. Guidebot's optimization is continuous, but at the same time there are areas that can only be properly affected if the website meets certain basic requirements. Examples include filling in appropriate alternative text for images or placing "aria" tags in the code. Our website optimization guide will help you with this task.

If I make changes to the website, do I need to set anything on the widget afterwards?

No, Guidebot will properly handle the changes as soon as they appear on the website.

Is there a quantity discount if I manage several pages from one user page?

Yes, we can provide agency and quantity discount over 10 associated websites. If you would like to know more about discounts, please contact us.

How easy is the installation on my website?

The installation of Guidebot is very simple. We have created unique plugins for popular CMS systems, so you can easily install the widget even without programming knowledge (the number of plugins is growing). Without a plugin, inserting a single line is enough for installation, the detailed guide will help you with this.

Does the Guidebot widget slow down my page?

The Guidebot widget is activated after the website is fully loaded, so as not to affect the speed of your website.

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