Installation Guide

One line of code and you're done.

The Guidebot widget helps to make your website accessible. It works immediately after simple installation, extending the accessibility of your website.

Guidebot works on both pre-purchased templates and custom written HTML/CSS environments. For the perfect experience, there are a few things you should consider, and our Website Optimalization tutorial can help you with this.

Check out the installation guide below for a step-by-step guide on how to set up Guidebot's Accessibility Widget on your website in minutes.

Guidebot embed code

Log in to the Guidebot Dashboard at, then select edit from the domain list.

In the domain list, select edit
You will find the embed code for Guidebot in the Embed Code frame on the domain details page.
In the "Embed Code" frame on the domain's data page, you will find the embed code for Guidebot. Highlight the code and copy it to the clipboard (CTRL + C or CMD + C on mac), or click the clipboard icon, which will automatically place the full code on the clipboard.

Installation on HTML platform

Open the root folder of your site with a simple text editor (Notepad) or code editor (VScode, Sublime, etc...) *

Open the layout file or the file containing the HTML header. *

Paste the code copied to the clipboard directly before the </head> tag and save the file to the server. *

* (Image is for illustration purposes only, content may vary depending on the framework)

Guidebot supports most web platforms.